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Clown Yourself
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Clown Yourself is a useful manual for both clown students and facilitators.

Within its pages Caroline shares what she has been exploring with her students since publishing her first book, THE CLOWN IN YOU.

The first part is packed with valuable information, exercises and examples, whilst the second offers ideas on how to practise different aspects of the art of clowning in your daily life.

Clown Yourself aims to reinforce and broaden your understanding of clown technique, as well as encourage you to think and behave in clown-like ways in your daily life.

What the professionals said about “Clown Yourself“

Gardi coment about Clown Yourself Book

Becoming a clown requires long years in the “searching process” with no guarantee of ever arriving. This book is helpful to anyone who wants to meet their own ridiculousness in a deeply relaxing way.
Gardi Hutter

Recommendable and tasty food to nourish clown thought.
Nola Rae | Clown (UK)

There are now more clown books than ever before but it is rare to find one that so clearly details fundamental tools to practise the craft. It is a brilliant guide, packed full of great exercises and wonderful classroom examples that are laugh out loud funny. I loved it.
Fraser Hooper | Clown (UK, New Zealand)

Caroline’s second book is a masterful exploration into what it means to be a clown for both the practitioner and the teacher. Her vast knowledge and understanding of the enormous variety of clown routines and character, and her ability to describe them, makes this book a fascinating read. An inspirational guide!
Hilary Chaplain | Clown (USA)

This book is a wonderful toolbox for building paradise. A masterful compendium of reflections, personal experiences and useful exercises. A necessary reference book for those of us who have undertaken the journey into the clown universe, and for all those who wish to undertake the clown adventure. Absolutely recommended.
Pepe Viyuela / Clown, actor (Spain)

“Clown Yourself” contains wise advice shaped over many years of experience, as well as exercises and games that will help you walk the long and complex path that you will have to take to become a clown. Have a good trip!
Tortell Poltrona | Clown, Founder of Circ Cric & Payasos sin Fronteras (Spain)

This book is a gem. It has everything a clown student needs: ideas, images, exercises, secrets. It also has what every clown teacher will treasure: a battery of exercises, valuable information and helpful tips.
Wendy Ramos | Clown, actor, facilitator (Lima, Peru)

A real shortcut to an exhaustive understanding of the art of clowning. Entertaining and well documented, it is a condensed reading of concrete truths of easy application that I absolutely recommend.
Alain Vigneau | Clown, facilitator, therapist (France/Spain)

 “Clown Yourself” is an extraordinary journey through elemental human poetics, the dance of happiness and the play of emotions. Its pages are an invitation to live and feel the world in huge shoes. A guide to being free.
Aziz Gual | Clown (Mexico)

“Clown Yourself” is a guide, a manual, a bible without taboos, without dogmas; a meticulous and exhaustive study on the art of clowning which will help you dance in chaos by building bridges between you and everyone else.
Jordi Martinez | Clown, actor (Spain)

This book is a display of generosity as it is jam-packed with clown wisdom. Reading it transported me to her classroom where she explains, with deep simplicity, each exercise, each experience. It makes you feel as if you are there, live and in person. It is a necessity for all those curious to go deeper into the world of the red nose, an invitation to throw oneself into every game with freedom and pleasure!
Fiorella Gambini| Clown, Founder of «La Vecindad» clown school (Lima, Peru)


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